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The Protocol

Permission-less and Trust-less Non-custodial Decentralized Protocol for crypto non-fungible collaborations and fungible donations managed by smart contracts integrated with the COMPOUND and CREAM FINANCE lending protocols on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain networks.



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Intelligent Collaboration

Thanks to the Blockchain and the Decentralized Lending Protocols, today we can offer a new way to Fundrise, Crowdfund and Collaborate.

Withdraw your Collaboration Anytime.

Fundrise & Crowdfund with an Infinite Pool.


Mecenas pool contracts are deployed, published and verified on Blockchain. The Immutable code is open to anyone to review it and confirm how it works, giving transparency to all players and the community in general, while at the same time all transactions and information are public and can be tracked.

Give and Take

Participate in the No-Loss JACKPOT while your contribution is deposited.

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Beyond the definition of patron ... "person who sponsors or protects artists and intellectuals" we extend it to any person or entity that requires a mean of  fundrising & crowdfunding for a noble and honest cause.


Click below to create your free campaign in less than 15 seconds


How it Works

Once you create your campaign, your community will be able to deposit crypto in your pool. Those crypto from the first moment will begin to generate interest since they are deposited in a lending contract. Those interests are yours.

Is like having an infinite savings account with compound interest.

Collaborate with Us

Collaborate with us and give you the chance to win the Jackpot.

We are working spreading the word to reach those who needs a mean of fundrising  & crowdfunding.

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You should not trust nice faces.

That´s why we built a Decentralized, Trust-less, Permission-less and Non-custodial Protocol.

An Immutable Smart Contract in which you can Trust. 




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“In these networks, in which we often participate pseudonymously, we feel the opportunity to recover some of what we have lost to increasingly centralized entities that capture our data, invade our privacy, dictate the terms under which we can exchange value and specify the level of financial risk to which we should be exposed "

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